Skatepunkers Exclusive: Not On Tour stream new songs off upcoming album "Growing Pains"

Skatepunkers offers you in exclusive stream four new songs "Witch Hunt", "Lost & Found", "Growing Pains" and "Therapy", from "Growing Pains", the forthcoming album from the Israeli female fronted melodic punk rockers Not On Tour. The album will be officially out tomorrow, April 12th via SBÄM Records.

This is what the band says about the new songs:
"Growing Pains" is a very diverse album, dealing with a bunch of different issues, struggles but also beautiful situations in life.
The four out of 17 (!) songs we picked are a little preview of what you can expect on our new album, lyrically and musically.
We hope you dig it!

"Lost & Found": that one is a song about self harm and the love for losing yourself and doing drugs. it's awesome, but there's a price ;)

"Growing Pains": A song about the pains of growing up as an adult, going through changes and losses. Accepting the fight and the journey in a way.

"Therapy": This one talks about the therapy sessions I go to (Sima), and the difficulties of trying to move forward and getting better, dealing with depression and anxiety. It's about wanting to break down sometimes.

"Witch Hunt": this song was written against the radical religious and patriarchal acts in our country and the will to free our women from abuse and exclusion.