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Much The Same recording new album
St. Plaster stream new song "Booyaa Motherfucker"
Simple Creatures stream new EP "Strange Love"
Down Memory Lane stream new song "Déjà Brew"
Cigar post preview of new song
🗣 “Hey Descendents logo, don’t copy the Misfits skull!”
Grayline - Incinerator (2001)
Trifle stream new EP "All That Used To Be"
Smash The Statues stream new song "Dvm Navis Praetoria Resvrrectionis Ad Profiscendvm Parata Est"
LOULOU stream new EP "Older Is Better"
Edward In Venice premiere video for new song "High Tide"
Shuvit stream new EP "The Guest Book"
Bad Religion stream new song "Do The Paranoid Style"
Simple Creatures stream new song "Adrenaline"
Antillectual cover The Police's "Truth Hits Everybody"
Pennywise's "Reason To Believe" turns 11 years old
Skatepunkers Exclusive: Actionmen and Dead Neck stream new songs off upcoming split "Defections"
The Hot Baby Lovers stream new song "No Regrets"
Skatepunkers Hot & Fast t-shirt
Maybe Not stream new song "Demons"
All Hope Remains stream new EP "Feel The Fire"
Statues On Fire stream new song "Marielle"
Setbacks stream new song "Just Words" (feat. Dennis Jagard of Ten Foot Pole)
New Found Glory release video for new song "This Is Me"
Chaser announce European Tour 2019
blink-182 to play the entire "Enema Of The State" in full for 20th anniversary
Dexter Holland talks about the new The Offspring album “Sounds Like Our Old Shit”
Alex Gavazzi covers entire "Going Nowhere Fast" (Satanic Surfers)
Dorm Patrol stream new song "Make EA Skate Again"
Boucing Souls stream new EP "Crucial Moments"
Direct Hit premiere video for "Altered States"
NH3 stream new album "Superhero"
Skipjack stream new song "Safe Spaces"
Satanic Surfers' "Going Nowhere Fast" turns 20 years old today
The Dead Krazukies release video for "Sinister Rouge" (Bad Religion cover)
Swan Prince stream new EP " Enjoy The Rain "
Mark Hoppus turns 47 years old today
The Swellers' "The Best I Ever Had" demo version
Awake/Alive stream new song "Dark Days"
Bearwolf stream Self-Titled EP
Weak stream new EP "The Wheel"
Strung Out finishing recording new album
Bouncing Souls stream new song "Favorite Everything"
Millencolin's "Home From Home" turns 17 years old today
Wasting Time stream new EP "Separation From Your Senses"
Follow Thru stream new EP "Play Hard, Play Fast, Play First"
Downway stream new song "Wild Ones"
The Scratches stream new song "Cracks"
Zebrahead stream new album "Brain Invaders"
Triple Deke stream new album "Five Minute Major"
Skatepunkers Exclusive: Heathcliff stream new album "#chilloutradio"