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6 years without Tony Sly
Get ready for the Skatepunk summer!
Satanic Surfers full set with Rodrigo on drums and vocals
Dead Memory Records release Aussie Epitaph Records Tribute
Face To Face stream new album "Hold Fast"
Eat Defeat release video for new song "Can’t Say I’ll Miss You"
Buster stream new song "Reason To Believe"
Anti-Flag stream new song "The Debate Is Over (If You Want It)"
Strung Out announce "Twisted By Design" tour
Fair Do's stream new album "Leopards"
When Stars Attack stream new album "Dreams Explode"
The ProblemAddicts stream new EP "Derailed"
MxPx stream new Self-Titled album
The Definitive Measure - The End Of The Beginning (2008)
Primetime Failure premiere video for "Stuck In The 90s"
Dulce de Leche stream new album "Común"
Skatepunkers Exclusive: The Scratches stream new EP "Pull The Plug"
The Shorts stream new songs off upcoming album "Bunker Monkey"
Rodrigo (Satanic Surfers) to sing and play drums after almost 20 years
Local Resident Failure - Drum Chronology
Best skate deck ever?
No Quarter cover Pennywise's "Greed"
Anti-Flag announce new album "American Reckoning"
 Face To Face stream new song "All For Nothing"
New Skatepunkers t-shirts on Amazon
FoL stream new EP "Therapathy"
For Heads Down stream new album "Resurgence"
Cigar release sneak peek of new song
Alkaline Trio stream new song "Blackbird"
Chaser stream new album "Sound The Sirens"
NOFX - Punk In Drublic (1994)
Skatepunkers Exclusive: Color Killer stream new album "Generation Z"
NOFX full set @ Hurricane Festival 2018
FoL stream new song "Sour Grapes"
Knifepuncher stream new EP "From The Capital Wasteland"
For Heads Down release video for new song "Last Man Standing"
Zobux - Selective Deafness (2007)
Eat Defeat release video for new song "Nothing's Wrong"
Crotch Rockets - Pleasant Pandemonium (1999)
Without Whistle stream new Self-Titled EP
Thirty Helens stream new EP "86ed"
And I'm KO stream new song "Holiday"
Chump stream new album "Welcome To The Punk Rock Family"
Ten Foot Pole recording new album
Rise Against release acoustic version for "Voices Off Camera"
Skatepunkers Exclusive: Fair Do's release video for new song "Closing In"
Old Bones Break Easy stream new album "Greetings From Horseshoe Falls"
Bad Religion to start recording new album this fall or late summer
The Fallout stream new song "Raise Your Flag"
Nerdlinger stream new album "Happy Place"
Swingin' Utters stream new song "Human Potential"