Mighty Midgets - Raising Ruins for the Future (2010)

Mighty Midgets is (was?) a melodic hardcore band from Aalborg, Denmark formed in June 2006. The band has played more than 125 shows all over Europe with bands as US Bombs, Banner Pilot, Tragedy, The Unseen, Streetlight Manifesto, Smoke or Fire, Voice of a Generation, This is a Standoff, Real McKenzies, Off With Their Heads, Fake Problems, Leatherface, MDC and many more.

Mighty Midgets released their debut album “Raising Ruins for the Future” in March 2010, as a co-operation between Shattered Thought Records, Deadlamb Records and 5FeetUnder Records. The album was recorded at 5FeetUnder Studio in Aalborg, Denmark, in the band’s spare time and free evenings during 2009. The record is mixed and mastered by Jacob Bredahl (Last Mile and former Hatesphere) at the Dead Rat Studio in Århus, Denmark in January 2010. The album has received worldwide critical acclaim and made onto quite a few top lists of 2010.