Travis Barker plays drums for "Nowheresville" with Strung Out (HD video)

Travis Barker of blink-182 joined prominent SoCal punk rock band Strung Out to play the song "Nowheresville" at the Eleventh Annual Musink Tattoo Convention and Music Festival, which was held March 16 through 18.

"The guys from Strung Out hit me a couple days before Musink started and asked if I wanted to play a song with them. I came the day of the show and learned it in a couple hours before they went on stage and the rest is history. It was a blast!"— Travis Barker

"How could we make Musink any more cool when you’re playing with Fear, Adolescents, and Descendents!?! Let’s hit up Travis Barker to jam a song! He got back to us and was into it and he came up and killed it!" — Strung Out