NOFX announce new album "Hans Landa's Milk Glass" stream new song "Lienoleum"

US punk rockers NOFX are streaming a new and fast song titled "Lienoleum" off their forthcoming album "Hans Landa's Milk Glass" that will be out on Fat Wreck Chords on June 16th. The song sounds so 94's, "Punk In Drublic" era. Must listen!

This is what Fat Mike, bassist and frontman of the band says on the Fat Wreck Chords website:
We just started writing the songs for the new album and maybe the reason was the long touring in the last few years that brought us back to the roots of the traditional NOFX music. So from what I can remember from the song writing process of "First Ditch Effort" maybe I was a little bit in between punk rock and power-rock style. I think it’s the usual development of an artist; you’re trying out different directions of your own musical horizon. And that’s what I did with "Hans Landa's Milk Glass" again, and that leads me back to the roots of fast and happy melodic songs. I think I didn’t do that on purpose, I didn’t say “Oh let’s go back to the roots of NOFX.” It went there on its own dynamic. So yes, the new songs could easily fit on "Punk in Drublic" or "So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes".