The Offspring's former drummer saves the life of a juror at his own trial

The Offspring's former drummer (84-87) James Lilja left the band in 1987 to attend medical school and became a certified obstetrician-gynecologist and has been a practicing doctor ever since.

As Law360 reports, Lilja was present for the first day of a medical malpractice suit brought against him yesterday when a prospective juror went into cardiac arrest. Lilja and his nurse assistant, who was also in attendance, were notified that there was a medical emergency and rushed into action, administering CPR and applying an external defibrillator to keep the juror alive until the paramedics arrived.

Because most of the prospective jury saw Lilja saving a man’s life, the judge called a mistrial, saying that they would be biased in favor of Lilja after witnessing that. "No good deed goes unpunished", Lilja told Law360.