Wraths (feat. Jim Lindberg of Pennywise) stream new song "My Home"

Hermosa Beach, California melodic punk rockers Wraths (featuring members of Pennywise) have released a lyric video for their new song "My Home" that will be included on the band's forthcoming EP with the same name that will be out on September 29th.

Jim Lindberg, frontman of Wraths (and Pennywise) states "A lot of people are growing concerned about the gentrification of our neighborhoods and towns. We're all for cleaning up run down areas, but taking all the soulful places in our communities and replacing them with too many giant corporate chains or trendy, high end expensive boutique shops that no one can afford isn't the answer either. 'My Home' is a song that addresses that frustration head on. In very blunt language we're addressing the disheartening feeling of walking down the streets you grew up on and barely recognizing your hometown. It sucks, and people need to let their city council know that we won't stand for the destruction of our sacred landmarks. "My Home' is a soundtrack for that frustration."