Scott Raynor plays blink-182's "Carousel" in 2017

Two days ago, an the Instagram user sam182 made a post with a video of the original blink-182 drummer Scott Raynor, which is currently drumming for "The Wraith", playing the classic song "Carousel" for what may be the first time in over 19 years. Not with his new band, but with some other guys from a band called "No Advisory".

The video quality is very low and we can't be 100% sure if it's Scott or not. According to the YouTube description:

I've been told this was only a jam session so don't be looking for more of this in the future. I've been informed the other 2 musicians are from a band called "No Advisory" (correct me if I'm wrong please.) So sit back and enjoy seeing Scott play blink one more time.

You can read more on this Reddit post

Watch the video