Future Idiots covers blink-182's "Cynical"

Swedish punk rockers Future Idiots have covered blink-182's "Cynical". Mike Andersson, bassist/vocalist of the band states:

"The reason I wanted to do a cover of Cynical was because it's such a great song that is just way too short, and I wanted to try and make it longer. I also thought that the riff to Brohemian Rhapsody was too good to be wasted on a 30 sec joke song, so I came up with the idea of adding it to Cynical and then creating a first verse out of the intro lyrics, and voila, we had a 3 minute version!

The new blink album worked really well for me, I know some weren't too pleased with it but I thought Skiba brought a lot of new energy to blink and I think he fits really well in the band. California is a great summer album in my opinion and I can't wait to listen to the new songs on the deluxe edition. I will say that the album is overproduced and I really hope they scale it down for the next album

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