NOFX announce two new 7" "Oxy Moronic" and "Hepatitis Bathtub"

Us punk rock classics NOFX will be releasing two new 7", "Oxy Moronic" out on December 16th and "Hepatitis Bathtub" on December 23rd.

The first 7", which you can preorder it right here, contains 2 versions from the song "Oxy Moronic" originally released on the album "First Ditch Effort". Tracklist:

  • 01. Oxy Moronic (album version)
  • 02. Oxy Moronic (demo version)

The second one it's a 4-songs 7" EP with songs recorded in a basement in Omaha, Nebraska in 1987 which you can preorder it here. There's also a sweet pack with a towel and the book the band released this year that you can get here. Tracklist for this 7":

  • 01. Too Mixed Up
  • 02. Nothing But a Nightmare
  • 03. Young Drunk and Stupid
  • 04. No Problems/Death of a Friend