S Is For Skate, F Is For Fastcore Vol 5

After more than 8 years since the last compilation, here's the Vol V of the "S is For Skate, F Is For Fasctore" series.

These compilations are self-made compilations by the Skatepunkers crew. If you like fast melodic hardcore you will love each of this compilations. If you are new into skatepunk, these comps are a great way to start getting into it. You can listen the old compilations in our Bandcamp page.

The new series of the compilations will be released from time to time and it will contain 10-15 songs.

This new compilation includes the bands Fakeknife, Crosswise Decay, Please Please Me, Camp High Gain, The Last Confidence, Lastend, Out In Style, Poison Alley, Atomic Winter and KRANG.

EDIT: If there are not more download slots available on Bandcamp, download the compilation right here.