Hoist The Colors covers Pennywise "I Can Remember"

US band Hoist The Colors has acoustic covered Pennywise's "I Can Remember". The song is a tribute to the former Pennywise bassist Jason Matthew Thirsk who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the age of 28.

"We closed our set with ‘I Can Remember,’ a song that we love and that seemed fitting for the occasion," said singer and mandolin player Josh Linden. "Afterwards, we really wanted to capture our version of this amazing song as a tribute to Jason and Pennywise."

Linden elaborates: “We never knew Jason personally, but we were inspired by his music. His memory lives on, not just in those who knew and loved him, but in the countless punk rock kids across the country who heard his songs, and either felt something, or – like us – picked up instruments and started writing songs of our own. We are honored to be a small part in preserving his legacy.”

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