Making of M+M's (blink-182) official video

This is the story behind the making of blink-182's "M+M's" official music video from the "Cheshire Cat" album.

Cargo offered the band a small budget to film a music video, to be shot for under $10,000. Darren Doane, who had previously worked with MxPx and Pennywise, directed the video. In the clip, the trio wake up in the morning beside their girlfriends (played by hired models) and proceed to steal an item from them. They are confronted before a concert later by their significant others, and a gunfight ensues.

The band's original vision was a bit different: "I wanted the M+M's video to be fifty guys lined up, and have us shooting at their nuts," said DeLonge in 2001. "Just a whole video of slo-mo close-ups of these guys' nuts exploding." The video was shot at Belmont Park and at SOMA, an all-ages punk and hardcore venue the band often headlined. Ken Duario co-directed the clip. Filming a video made the band gain confidence, although they had no plans to market the video.

The band's new manager, Rick DeVoe, held connections that proved instrumental in tying the group into skate, surf and snowboarding scenes. "M+M's" made its first appearance on Good Times, a surf video directed by DeVoe's friend Taylor Steele. The clip eventually landed on several surf videos and video compilations. An employee of Cargo Music presented the video to MTV, but network executives "threw the tape out at first sight of the girls with guns," remarking, "Why are you showing us this shit?"

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