Grind-FK, spanish melodic punk rock/pop

The story of Grind-FK starts in the fall of 2000 in the beautful place of the spanish Canary Islands when the bassist-vocalist Jesús contacted guitarist-vocalist Pablo via internet, a little time later they hired a drummer and recorded their first demo called "What Do You Think About This", receiving good press and radio reviews

With the demo out, they started to play around their hometown stages meeting Guille who was singing and playing bass guitar for another punk band called Unreliable Limb. A few months later, Grind-FK´s former drummer left the band and inmediatly hired Guille for his replacement.

Just in time, a record label contacted the guys wanting to sign them, but after days of reflexion they decided to decline the label'S offer and do the whole thing theirselves, traveling to Granada and getting into Pig Studios (G.A.S. Drummers, PPM, Goblins, etc.) in September 2002 to record the band´s first full lenght "Passion In The Airwaves".

Grind-FK´s style is a mix between melodic hardcore songs structure and 3 voices new school punk pop melodies. Lyrics go from the emotional ones like "Thank You Guys" , "Singing Alone" or "A Friend In Me", social critics in "Making Friends" and "Diabetic Boy", animal rights in "Master", and about girls in "Layna", "Cupid Hates Love Songs" or "Cant Stop Us" .

After the dissolution of the band when Pablo Díaz-Reixa leaves it in 2004, Jesús Sánchez-Pajares and Guillermo Pérez formed a new band named Daylight in Red along with Jose A. López and Daniel Pérez.

01. Making Friends
02. Singing Alone
03. Layna
04. Can't Stop Us
05. Discover The World
06. Master
07. I Don't Want To Grow
08. Diabetic Boy
09. Mr. Potato's Song
10. Cupid Hates Love Songs
11. Friend In Me
12. Thank You Guys

Not long ago, the band released a demo compilation on Bandcamp (most of them acoustic)