Yotam (Useless ID) release acoustic song about Tony Sly

Israeli punk rock band Useless ID singer and bassist Yotam Ben Horin have released a new song and video for a song dedicated to Tony Sly. This song is off Yotam's "California Sounds" out now on Hardline Entertainment.

This is what he says about the song:
My friend Kevin who is doing a book in tribute for Tony Sly mentioned that a friend of his Steven Guerrero would be interested in possibly doing a video for my song "Tony Sly" off of California Sounds (Hardline Entertainment) so I put him in touch with label owner Ken Seaton and they both set up a 7 am shooting at 3rd Street Tattoo Shop in Hermosa Beach which is partly owned by Fletcher of Pennywise. Luckily I was just done with a 2 month tour and in the area. I didn't sleep much the night before. We ended up shooting a few takes and that was it. The setting, the hour and Steve's camera action made everything seem right.
I learned alot from Tony Sly over the years when my band Useless ID toured with No Use For A Name and when I worked with Tony on songs so this song is my thank you to Tony who shaped me musically from the first time I heard No Use so many years ago.

Click here to listen to the song