NOFX's Fat Mike Discusses 25 Years With Fat Wreck Chords had the chance to chat with NOFX's frontman Fat Mike about Fat Wreck Chords’ success and 25th anniversary, as well as many other things including the future Broadway debut of his punk rock musical 'Home Street Home'. 

Q: What’s the key to owning and operating a successful record label for 25 years?
A: Well, it’s different for everybody. For Fat Wreck Chords I really think it’s trying to do one thing right, you know? Keeping it a punk rock label. We never tried to expand into other styles of music really, just a little here and there, but basically every band we’ve signed I had to like and they had to be affiliated with the punk rock genre and just good music. I never wanted to fool anybody. A lot of labels put out two good songs on a record and when you buy the record it sucks. I don’t let bands get away with that s—.

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