Skatepunkers Record Of The Year Award 2014 Results

1. Forus - Lights (433 votes)
'Lights', released on March 11thh, 2014 through Effervescence Records, is the fourth release from the Bayonne based fast and technical skatepunk band Forus. This album was recorded and funded through an Indiegogo campaign.

Bird Attack Punk Rock Radio and Records describes the album as "absolutely shreds from front to back! Remi destroys the drums with what sounds like a quadruple pedal machine gun. The dynamic tapping laid down my Michel and Bastien is mind boggling. Crazy how they managed to get so technical with the tapping and still flow. Amazing bass lines from Arno; this album is a must have for any skate punk fanatic."

2. Lagwagon - Hang (301 votes)
Lagwagon's Hang is concoction of Hoss, Trashed, and Blaze, seasoned with Duh’s metallic overtones and Let’s Talk About Feelings’ strong sense of melody, and finished off with a progressive character as yet unseen on any previous release. Lyrically it’s a stunningly substantive commentary on the modern world, written through the lens of a lifetime of visceral experience.

3. Counterpunch - Bruises (121 votes)
'Bruises' masterfully blends the sound of 90's melodic skate punk with modern Rise Against style angst, and showcases the bands penchant for three-part harmonies and anthemic choruses. Bruises was recorded at Chicago’s Atlas Studios with producer Matt Allison, who has also worked with Chicago punk-scene veterans Alkaline Trio and many others such as Masked Intruder, Less Than Jake, and The Lawrence Arms. Counterpunch have toured the US and abroad, and have shared the stage with bands such as Strung Out, Alkaline Trio, The Swellers, The Vandals, and have also played a handful of shows as direct support for Rise Against.

4. F.O.D. - Tricks Of The Trade (112 votes)
'Tricks Of The Trade' is the second album of this belgian punk rock band that combines all what this band is known for with an even greater feel and a master collection of fabulous songs. Breathtaking harmonies, great rhythms, tight musicianship and an all out 'punkrock flair' make 'tricks of the trade' one of the best poppunk albums for a long time . F.O.D.  is on a mission to breathe new life into Belgian punk rock, and you’re more than welcome for the ride.

5. Another Chance - Tiempos Dificiles Y Desalentadores (92 votes)
'Tiempos Dificiles Y Desalentadores' s the debut album of the argentinian technical skatepunk band Another Chance.

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