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<center>Waterweed post live video for new song</center>
<center>Gros Dommage stream new song 'Terre Promise (Reprise de Éric Lapointe)'</center>
<center>No Contest stream new EP 'Survival Of The Fastest'</center>
<center>Rodrigo leaves Atlas Losing Grip</center>
<center>Upstream Color stream new song 'Bandit'</center>
<center>Happy Birthday 'The Decline'</center>
<center>Statues On Fire stream new song 'Nothing's Really True'</center>
<center>Belvedere replaces drummer</center>
<center>Coerência - Referencial (2014)</center>
<center>69 Enfermos stream new song 'Lo Que Dejamos Atrás'</center>
<center>Omaha -  Touch 'Em All, Joe (2014)</center>
<center>Note to Amy release video for 'Here They Come Now'</center>
<center>Hoist The Colours stream new split with ASBO Peepshow 'Having A Full English'</center>
<center>Sidewalk Surfers release video for 'Batman'</center>
<center>Enze stream new EP 'Incendis'</center>
<center>Blowfuse stream new EP 'Couch'</center>
<center>Anchord stream Self-Titled album</center>
<center>Phantom stream new song 'Boden'</center>
<center>Venerea stream new split with Smash The Statues</center>
<center>Local Resident Failure post video for new song 'Around The World'</center>