Pennywise stream new song ‘Violence Never Ending’

USA classic punk rockers Pennywise are streaming a brand new song titled 'Violence Never Ending' that will be included on their upcoming album 'Yesterdays', out on July 15th via Epitaph Records.

This is what the band stated at
Yesterdays is a collection of old songs from our early years and also a few outtakes we dusted off just for the occasion,” said the band. “We first started playing music together in 1988 in an old wooden one car garage covered in graffiti on Irena Street in Redondo Beach with no other motive other than to have fun and make a lot of noise

A lot of these songs were written by Jason,” they continued, “our original bass player and main song writer. He was all about PMA [positive mental attitude] and you can hear the influence of Dag Nasty and 7 Seconds in his lyrics in songs like “Thanks-giving” and “Slow Down.” It was all about having fun and being thankful for what you had, no matter how messed up it was".

“This album represents who we were before the outside world came along and changed everything. The good old days…. The Yesterdays

Click here to listen to the song