No Fun at All

No Fun at All - No Straight Angles (1995)
No Fun at All - Out of Bounds (1996)
No Fun at All - The Big Knockover (1997)
No Fun at All - EP's Going Steady (1998)
No Fun at All - State Of Flow (2000)
No Fun at All - Low Rider (2008)
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No Fun at All (often abbreviated to just NFAA) is a Swedish punk rock band. The band formed in the summer of 1991 in Skinnskatteberg. The group initially consisted of Mikael Danielsson (guitar), Henrik Sunvisson (bass guitar) and Jimmy Olsson (vocals, drums). The name was inspired by a tongue-in-cheek version of The Stooges' song "No Fun" as covered by the Sex Pistols, and the name of the band Sick of It All. The group released their albums on the Swedish label Burning Heart Records outside the United States. Within the U.S., No Fun at All 's albums were released by Theologian Records and later by Epitaph Records.