Good Riddance to record new album this year

Good Riddance's frontman Russ Rankin have revealed in a recent interview with Punknews that the band will be starting recording the new album around September.

Q: Speaking of the differences of writing for your different bands, are you working on any new songs for Good Riddance?
A: We are. We hope to record an album in September.

Q: Right on. Any details?
A: No, not really. Just that it's in the infancy stages. We have a pretty good amount of material written. About three years ago…four years ago, when I was writing stuff for my solo album (Farewell Catalonia), I ended up writing these punk songs. Good Riddance wasn't playing at the time and they weren't like fucked enough for Only Crime. So I went into the studio with a drummer and laid them down - I did all the guitar and bass and vocals. I ended up playing those songs for the guys in Good Riddance and they all dug them so a few of those will probably be on the record. Luke (Pabich) is working on some stuff and I'm writing when I have time so we'll have plenty of material by September.

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