It's No Juice - April-75 EP (1997)


01. Uh!?
02. Moonshining
03. Spaceants On My Trumpet
04. 9-Iron
05. A World (Of Mad Religion)

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File Size: 19 MB
Release date: 1997
Genre: Skate punk / melodic hardcore
Quality: 192 kbps
Label: Sigourney Records
Country: Sweden

It's No Juice is a punk band that was formed in 1995 by guitarists Mattias Nordström and Fredrik Eriksson together with vocalist Martin Stigmar, drummer Stefan Törnqvist and bass player Andreas Larsson.

It's no Juice released three “good-old” demo tapes called 'My Brain Is Minding It's Own Business' (1995), 'Space Ants On My Trumpet' (1996) and 'Space Ants On Planet Hoth' (1996). 'Space Ants On Planet Hoth' which was the first recording of the band in a proper studio environment, was also released as a 5-song EP called April-75 by Sigourney Records in 1997, the only difference being that the bonus live-track of the song Moonshining was removed.

During the late 1990s Andreas took some time off the band because of a soccer career and military duty. During the last years Mårten Lindahl, who'd previously been in a band called IPATB together with the other guys, played bass guitar.

It's No Juice continued playing live shows and writing new material until 2002 when they decided to take a break, mostly because the company where they had their high quarter went down the drain because of the IT-Crash. With the exception of the song Chained, the songs that were written in the period after April-75 were never recorded in a studio but were well received when they were played live.

- Sample song: 9-Iron -