From The Tracks call it quits

Sad news. The scottish-swedish skatepunk band From The Tracks call it quits. This is what the band said on their facebook page:

News! And i bet you didnt see this coming but:

After 5 years as a band, we have decided to call it a day. We feel very lucky and humble over everything we´ve gotten to experience as a band throughout this period of time and would like to send our utmost appreciation and gratitude towards all of you who supported from the tracks by helping us tour, releasing our records, buying our merch, coming out to our shows! I could write a list that would seem endless including every person that has been vital to our existence but i wont because it would mean sitting here for the rest of the week. I hope and believe that you all know exactly who you are!

We will finish the record and get it out for you in some way so keep an eye out for more info on that. We will also do one last show together and we´ll keep you updated on the progress of that as well.

Much love // Mike, Gav, Sean & Patrik