Chaser to release 'Garage Years: Unreleased and Out of Print Songs'

USA punk rockers Chaser will be releasing the compilation 'Garage Years: Unreleased and Out of Print Songs', which incluides unreleased songs and out of print albums/EP's, ranging from 2000-2005. It consists of 3 releases; Their very first Self-Titled full-length album (Tracks 1-14), which was recorded in 2000 while they were still in High School, but it was never officially released. Their second full-length album, entitled 'In Control' (Tracks 15-23), which was officially released in 2003, and lastly, the unreleased 'No Hope' demo (Tracks 24-26), which consisted of 3 songs recorded in 2005.

The compilation will be available via Bandcamp and it will be out on the 26th of November.

01. Drop In
02. Nothing New
03. Horseshoes and Handgrenades
04. Broken Pieces
05. Battle Cry
06. One in a Million
07. Downfall
08. Lookout
09. Mind Games
10. It's All Done
11. Struck Out
12. What Just Happened?
13. Ground Zero
14. Shut Down
15. 8 Ball
16. The Test
17. Just Like You
18. Back to Provo
19. Trial and Error
20. One Mistake
21. The Sky is Falling
22. Kids These Days
23. It Starts With You
24. No Hope
25. The Way
26. Take it Back