Rise Against stream cover of Nirvana’s 'Sliver'

Rise Against are streaming a Nirvana cover for the song 'Sliver',from the band's forthcoming b-sides album 'Long Forgotten Songs: B-sides and Covers 2000 – 2013'

Click here to listen to the song

This is what Tim said about this song:
"The A.V. Club have a weird circle room in their offices in Chicago and someone decided they should pick some songs, ask bands to come in, choose a song from their pre-selected list, and record it in said weird circle room. We chose Nirvana from their list and did it in one-take as they filmed. The vocals had no monitor or headphone mix, so I just sang blindly into the mic hoping it made sense. It’s raw and fun like it was supposed to be.”

The band also released another song, which is a Bruce Springsteen cover, off this album that you can listen here.