Adrenalized - Tales From The Last Generation (2013)

01. The Prophets And The Wise
02. Eyeless Men
03. The Empire Of The Greedy
04. Last Man Standing
05. Tarkin Doctrine
06. No Red Helmets
07. The Die Is Cast
08. Dead Inside
09. The Taste Of The End
10. When The Screaming Began
11. Crawling In The Ashes (feat. Étienne Dionne of Mute)
12. Tales From The Last Generation

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 145 MB
Release date: 12 July 2013
Genre: Skate punk / melodic hardcore
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Eating Shit Records, Discos Rayados, La Humanidad Es La Plaga Records, Fusa Records Europe, Chaos 666, Can't Slow Down Records, Talaia Records.
Country: Spain

Adrenalized is four piece fast skatepunk act from San Sebastián, Spain that has been around since 2001, releasing an EP 'Vote For The Fake' and an two albums, 'Docet Umbra' and 'Tales From The Last Generation' since their inception.

- Sample song: Crawling In The Ashes -