Interview with Jim Margle, drummer of Counterpunch and We Are The Union

Jim Margle, from Counterpunch and We Are The Union recently sat down with the guys of 'Live High Five' to talk about drumming, future plans etc.

Let’s talk about your undertakings… What artists are you currently working with, what’s going on with your current projects? How did you get in touch with your artists/groups, and who would you most like to work with in the future?

Most recently, I’ve been playing with Counterpunch from Chicago, as I mentioned earlier. I’d been a fan of them since 2006, literally the same time I discovered We Are The Union recording demos with my old band mate. I think there are enough similarities on the melodic punk rock styling of both We Are The Union and Counterpunch where joining C.P. was just a really natural fit for me. I’m hoping I can turn on some WATU fans to Counterpunch, and we’ve even been jamming some reggae type tunes. I’m more of punk rock drummer than a ska drummer anyway, as WATU was the first ska band I had ever played in.

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