Uncommonmenfrommars is dead


Sad news. The frech punk rock band Uncommonmenfrommars have called it quits. This is what they said on their facebook page:

Hi everyone,

After giving it a lot of thought, we have finally decided to stop being a band after these summer shows/festivals for an amount of time that has not yet been determined . After touring non stop for 15 years, some of the band members feel the need to put all of their time into new projects.

This decision was really hard to make given all the fun we've had with this band that has brought us to places we never thought we'd get a chance to go when we started it.

We would like to thank all of you who have made this great adventure possible, and have never stopped supporting us throughout the years. You have truly been amazing!
We hope to see you again if we ever decide to get back together.


The band will be playing for the last time on the 18th of August in Nancy, France, along with NOFX and Straightaway. Check the facebook event for more info.