Screed - Why Should We Care (2012)

01. Solely Profit
02. To All The Ones
03. Wrong Direction
04. Lost Inside Yourself
05. Falling Down
06. Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It
07. Groundhog Day
08. A Trillion
09. On The Streets
10. Something 'bout Me
11. Korogocho
12. Drones
13. No One Pays Attention
14. 180º

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File Size: 82 MB
Release date: 26 October 2012
Genre: Punk rock
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Self Released
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Why should we care about tomorrow? Why should we fear global warming or an economic crisis? Why should we worry about the situation in the Middle East or human rights?
These are the questions asked on Why Should We Care, which was released in October 2012. Screed‘s full length debut after the band‘s four-year existence. Hard guitar riffs meet strong melodies, polyphonic singing powered by fast drum beats. Californian style Punkrock, made popular by bands like Pennywise or NOFX. This is Screed as you know them.

- Sample song: Solely Profit -