Rise Against stream demo version of 'Like The Angel'

Chicago’s Rise Against are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their breakthrough album, Revolutions Per Minute, with a reissue out May 28th. This edition of Revolutions Per Minute features 10 bonus tracks of demos along with the originally recorded album and expanded packaging. The band is now streaming the demo version of 'Like the Angel' that you can listen below.

This what Tim said about this song.
"We have always been more than just a political punk band," McIlrath tells Rolling Stone of the band's reputation over the years. "While politics play an unapologetic role in what we do, they do not consume our entire artistic output. 'Like the Angel' is an early example of the kind of songs that found their ways onto all of our records, and how we've always had one foot in politics and one foot in the personal. We loved heavy music but also songs that had a poppy or hooky side to them."

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