Skatepunkers interviews Adrenalized

Adrenalized is four piece fast skatepunk act from San Sebastián, Spain that has been around since 2001, releasing an EP 'Vote For The Fake' and an album 'Docet Umbra' since their inception. Iri, the drummer of the band, recently sat down with skatepunkers and talked about the current state of the band, future plans and how is the recording of their new album going.

Tell us a little about your band - how you four met, how you settled on the band name, lineup changes etc.
Hey Khet! Well.. I have to confess that there is not a fancy story behind this. The typical story of 3 friends that decide to play together. You choose a provisional name and start playing covers and some shitty first songs. After that Chipi (guitar) joined the band and started playing some shows. After he moved to Barcelona, Lolo (current guitar player) joined us and I think in that moment the real Adrenalized band was born, taking the direction to get where we are now. From about 2006 we played lots of shows and released a couple of cds, but last year Serch (bass player) left the band and Josu (current bass player) joined us. Some metal-smelling fresh air can be felt now in the band and we are so happy with the new songs and new feeling. I'm sure really good moments are about to come!

Your first EP 'Vote For The Fake' had a demo sound that I personally like a lot. Which recording process did you use?
In that moment, we didn't know almost nothing about recordings. we listened some good stuff from our friends No Toxic Pipe recorded by a guy called Gorka and decided to record our first EP with him. The recording process was great and we learnt a lot from that. We'll never forget Lezoti Studios!

It seems you are now fully focused on writing/recording songs for the new record. How is the songwriting process for you? Is it a one person affair, or is it more collaborative?
Yes, after some shows around Barcelona and with a new member on board, we decided that this was the moment to release a new album as a symbol of a new era. Normally every song starts from an idea brought by one of us. From that moment, the process is collaborative and almost always we put all the ideas together and develop the song. We normally record it DIY before we play it so we can check out if the feeling of the finished song is ok or if something needs to be changed.

Adrenalized sound has evolutioned significantly. Your first EP 'Vote For The Fake' can be defined as NOFX-ish punkrock , 'Docet Umbra', as Belvedere-ish tech skatepunk. What can fans expect to hear on your new album?
I personally think (maybe others don't) that the new album is gonna be an evolution of 'Docet Umbra', that includes 90's melodic hc songs, powerful choruses…but also technical riffs and some trashy stuff… I think that has a good balance between all that things and that can be enjoyed by fans of Pennywise, Belvedere or even old Metallica!

Can you please give us any details about the new album? Is it going to be released on vinyl? How many songs will be included on this new release? Which are the labels involved on releasing the record?
The 12 track album (and maybe some extra stuff) is about to be recorded and it's gonna be released in cd format and also vinyl for all those old school fans. I think it will be released about May/June but we can't confirm a date yet. Many international labels have been confirmed but I prefer not to give the names yet.

After releasing the new album, are you planning an european tour?
For sure! It's been something we've had in mind for a long time and finally this year is gonna be real (hope so!). We are so excited about this and hope we can meet a bunch of good bands and friends!

Your latest album is the 2010's 'Docet Umbra'. How was the feedback from the fans?
A: I think the feedback was totally positive. Maybe some people preferred 90's simple songs like Vote For The Fake's but Docet Umbra was a honest album and people felt and appreciate that.

If you had the chance to play with any band ever, dead or alive, which band would that be?
This is really hard to say and I think my answer would change every month…but, for example, playing with the old Satanic Surfers line up would be great! Anyway, I think that is a mistake to have big idols because sometimes you meet them and realize that they totally suck…

Adrenalized had the chance to play with some very big bands like Pennywise, No Fun At All, No Use For A Name. How does it feel?
I think this is a great experience for a small band to play with "big" ones. This allows you to know how the industry works sometimes and, as I said, that many big bands totally suck when you meet them. Of course, some big shows have been a really good and unforgettable experience for us, letting us know that some promoters and bands are not just big in the stage.

What are your thoughts on the skatepunk genre overall?
Sometimes it looks like the genre is disappearing but then you see lots of new bands that are releasing cds and going on tour. It's sad because sometimes you can feel that people only supports big bands from 90's and are happy paying 30 € to see NOFX for the 5th time, but they think that paying 5€ to see a couple of fast melodic HC bands from other country is too expensive.

Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers?
Stay fast, stay true & support your local scene! stay tuned for all the Adrena news! THANX KHET & SKATEPUNKERS!