Jim Lindberg confirms that Pennywise is working on new stuff

Jim Lindberg, singer of Pennywise confirmed in a recent interview with Punknews that the band is working on new stuff.

Q: How about new songs? Have you guys been writing?
Yeah, we're working on stuff and putting plans together. But right now, at the moment, we're just focusing on doing some shows and celebrating that we're back together. And hopefully we'll have a best-of package together and you will hear some new songs in there. 

He also speaks about releasing a Pennywise box set or a best of package:

So I've heard rumblings of a Pennywise box set with a bunch of B-sides coming out. Is that true?
Yeah, we're hoping to put out either a box set or a best of package for our fans and for ourselves. Hopefully there'll be some new songs in there, but we've always had a bunch out outtakes and kind of old songs that I like a lot and are a really good representation of the band - probably better than some of our albums. They were recorded without Pro Tools and they might not sound perfect, but the spirit is definitely there and I'm excited for people to hear those.

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