Lowprofile releases video for 'Apathetic Means'

'Apathetic Means' is the third official music video from Lowprofile , which is taken from the album 'A Vulgar Display Of Powerchords'.

Directed by Luke Mason, winner of Interpret Durban 2012's Best Film Award and filmed by DOP Jimmy Reynolds, Apathetic Means stars Catharine Nolan as a girl on a quest to discover what's at the other end of the mysterious red cable that was plugged into her VCR, interrupting her planned lazy Sunday in, with transmissions of a band performance in a derelict house that seems to be for an audience of one - herself.
Her journey takes her through a variety of surreal scenes - upmarket businessmen getting pantsula haircuts, suntanning street children, orthodox muslim skateboarding - all seen through a lens with a deep love for the city of Durban (South Africa).

Click here to watch the video