Passage 4 old videos

Passage 4 was a skate punk from Arboga, Sweden, which existed from 1991 until 1997. Nowadays the band is credited for being one of the first skatepunk bands to incorporate elements of emo/indie rock in their music.
Recently someone uploaded two videoclips for the songs Team (off 'Something To Start With') and Human Doll (off 'World Circus').
This is the story about the videos (taken from YouTube comments).

We (friends/fans from Arboga and band members) had a discussion over at Facebook a year ago or so, when the bass player Carla said he had the 2 videos on VHS tape somewhere, but no way to get it over to the Computer, so I offered to do just that. Well, 2 days ago he contacted me and said he finally had found the tape, so I went and picked it up at his Tattoo Studio here in town(Arboga). 

Click here to watch the videos

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