Interview with Jay Bentley from Bad Religion

Californian punk legends Bad Religion are gearing up for the release of their sixteenth album 'True North', out January 25th through Epitaph Records. The album sees the band return to their “original mission statement of short concise bursts of melody and thought.”

Q: So, how did you find the recording process of ‘True North,’ having put constraints on the album?
A: I actually think the recording process was probably the best of all of them. We really aimed to record short, fast, concise and stripped down punk songs. We didn’t really have the need to overthink and so we could focus on other things – the delivery and the conveying feeling of the tracks. I also think Joe Barresi (producer – The Dissent of Man, Pennywise, Queens of the Stone Age) had really gotten comfortable at the helm. We recorded on tape this time round, and I think that turned out really well.

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