Joey Cape talks about the new Lagwagon album


Our friends of DyingScene did a very nice a interview to the Lagwagon's singer Joey Cape where he talks about the new Lagwagon album and Bad Astronaut¡s b-sides among other things. You can read the entire interview here.

Have there been any moves toward creating a new Lagwagon album?

Yes, yes, just recently. We have always had this thing where we don’t really rush records and because of that the downside is that we have no momentum as a band. The upside of it is that I don’t think we have really released anything that we’re not proud of except that EP “I Think My Older Brother Used To Listen To Lagwagon”. It had a good title, but that’s it. With the exception of that one, we never rushed anything. It’s like when you’re in a band and you’re a songwriter for that band you’re waiting to wake up one day and find out the true identity of your band. People want that stuff, they calculate that stuff, they search through their old records, and they try to figure out what they did before. But the thing is, when a band makes a record with that mentality it doesn’t have the same kind of purity. I don’t think Lagwagon has really done that yet at all. And other than that one EP, and it was only an EP, it’s fine, all our full lengths are really true to where we were at. We take a long time to make records, but we have been touring this whole year to support that box set, and all the old stuff is really riffy. Honestly like doing that all year has kind of awakened something in me. Two months ago we were on tour in Europe and I woke up one day and was like “I got it, I know what to do!” and started writing. I have written a whole bunch of stuff, and basically we’re waiting to finish out this tour and then the Australia tour, and after that we’re gonna get in a room together. I’ve already talked to the other guys in the band about what we’re gonna do.