Down By Law - Champions At Heart (2012)

01. Bullets
02. Nothing
03. New Song
04. Popcorn & Coke
05. Knock This Town
06. Tiny Answers
07. Face Forward
08. Punk Rock United (Step I)
09. Homicide
10. Misfits United (Step II)
11. Warriors United (Step III)
12. Crystals
13. Perpetual Sorrow
14. Rebels & Angels
15. Champions At Heart
16. All In

Download: Zippyshare
Genre: Punk rock
Quality: VBR
Release date: 14 August 2012
DC Jam Records

Whats important is this when punk rock broke and bands cashed in on fashion trends, Down By Law stayed true to its ideals. While everyone else played The Forbidden Beat and wrote songs about farts, Dave Smalley was penning songs about feeling lonely and out of place, afraid and uncertain. It s clear that DBL is the only real claimant to The Clash s legacy, and that legacy is the admission that we may be isolated and lonely, we may be alienated and fucked up, but revolution can only begin in the mirror. Now, DBL celebrates their 23rd year with a new studio album of soon-to-be punk anthems for the next generation. Champions At Heart is their ninth full-length release, and is reminiscent of their classics on Epitaph Records.

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