Punk Rock / Skate Punk / Hardcore scene with Tony Sly.

We're all still shocked with the death of Tony Sly at age 41. Read below the condolences conveyed by the punk rock / skate punk / hardcore scene you can find in the net.

Rise Against
We are truly saddened to hear about the passing of our friend Tony Sly. He was an amazing song writer and an amazing person. RIP Tony Sly.

The Offspring
So sad to hear of Tony Sly's passing. One of the nicest guys ever. Our thoughts are with his family & friends. He'll be greatly missed.

With the heaviest of hearts. Saddest of days. All of our thoughts are with Tonys family....

The Ataris
Tony Sly, you wrote some solid songs. When we were just starting out, you generously let us crash your hotel floor. Stay gold man. Godspeed.

Pierre Bouvier (Simple Plan)
Can't believe to hear Tony Sly passed away. Another one gone too soon. so sad. RIP Tony Sly. You will be missed.

Face To Face
Terrible news today about Tony Sly passing away. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends.

The Bouncing Souls
We're extremely sad to hear about the passing of Tony Sly. RIP brother. You will be missed

Chris Hannah (Propagandhi)
RIP Tony

Bad Religion
goodbye to a good friend, tony sly
go easy, tony sly. thanks for all the good times.

I've been listening to No Use for a Name all day. Never has the passing of someone I met briefly after a handful of shows affected me so much. I've been poking around Facebook all day, and the sentiment expressed by not only fans, but bands that I take inspiration from has been unbelievable. So many bands that I love would not have existed without No Use For a Name.

No Trigger
What are your favorite No Use For A Name songs? Mine are Soulmate and Chasing Rainbows. RIP Tony Sly. Thank you for signing my hat in 2001. -Tom/NT

Much The Same
Goodbye Tony Sly, you were the reason I ever wanted to sing in a band, and every song I ever wrote was trying to live up to the standard you set. Thanks for believing in us, you mean more than any words can ever say.

The Swellers
Tony Sly is the reason The Swellers exist. Without his melodies, voice, songs... there's no telling what I'd even be doing with my life. My biggest regret is never being able to tell him that. I figured playing one of his songs would make me feel a little better. RIP Tony.

Steve And The Alcoholics
R.I.P Tony Sly. Sad You were a huge inspiration. There will be at least one NUFAN-cover on our next shows, for sure. Thank you.

We are truly saddened by the loss of an amazing songwriter and one of our biggest influences. NUFAN was one of the reasons we started a band, and over the years we got the amazing opportunity to play with them several times. At a loss for words, a very sad day for the punk rock community.

Thanks To Losers

Dave Nassie (Ex-guitarist of No Use For A Name):
In life, there are few people that you can say because they lived you are a better person. Because you were apart of each others lives they made you better...... More appreciative, work hard, and define yourself. Tony Sly was that person in my life. I was blessed to grow as a person playing his songs and finding myself in "his" expression. He gave me a chance to full fill my dreams as an artist and I would not be where I am today without him. I will forever miss you and may you rest in peace. I will hold our memories and our times close to my heart forever. Thank you Tony

Authority Zero
R.I.P. Tony Sly...not only did we grow up listening to you, we also had the pleasure of going on one of our very first tours with NUFAN (No Use For A Name) in 2003. You will be dearly missed, and our thoughts go out to all who knew and shared the stage with him...

Our good friend and No Use For a Name band member, Tony Sly has passed away. Pulley toured with NUFAN many times back in the heyday. We will miss him and the music he made very much. R.I.P.

DC Fallout
RIP Tony Sly. Thanks for writing some of the best melodic punk on the planet. Here's one of our favorite NUFAN jams of all time.

The Decline
Tony Sly at his solo show in Perth 2010. A year later we got to open for NUFAN. RIP

Tea Break
Thanks for making good music and for being a great influence on our band. "What's your name? Fuck You that's my name!!!"

Templeton Pek
RIP Tony Sly. Condolences to all his family, friends and bandmates.

Enemy You
Rest In Peace Tony Sly, it's sad day knowing you've passed away, thanks for the great music-Moderator

Tony Sly was one of the reasons we started playing music. We are all sad to say goodbye. R.I.P

Strung Out
Our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to the family of Tony Sly . On behalf of Strung Out you will be missed and your music will live on and inspire for generations

Part Time Killer
R.I.P. Tony Sly

No Blame
Tony Sly is dead. The most important influence on our music and way of thinking is no more with us. This marks a turning point in punk rock music, which will never be the same without him. His songs have deeply affected our youths and this will stay forever. Tony, you've left a big fucking hole in our chest, yet we hope you've caught your rainbow now. Rest In Peace.

Rest In Peace Tony Sly!

Atlas Losing Grip
Sly was far too young - RIP

One of our favorite bands. No USe was a huge influence for all of us. RIP Tony Sly.

RIP Tony Sly. Thanks for the music and a bunch of great shows together. So sad...

RIP Tony Sly

Blasting Enema
Sei stato e sarai per sempre uno dei simboli del punkrock mondiale e un punto di riferimento per ognuno di noi... Addio Tony R.I.P.

RIP Tony Sly. Amazing songwriter and huge influence on our band.

Never Been Famous
Today is one of our saddest days in band history. A great singer and songwriter and idol has left this world. RIP Tony Sly. Our hearts are with your familily and friends!

We are sad to hear of the passing of Tony Sly today. Thanks for the years of great songwriting and shows. RIP.

Bedtime For Charlie
Today we lose one of the greatest. Farewell Tony, thank you for all the great music and the inspiration.

The Down And Outs
RIP Tony Sly. As a skatepunk band we owe you a million thanks for your innovations and for helping carve out this special niche of punk rock. Thanks for your sounds and for the inspiration.

The Black Pacific
Sad to hear the news about Tony Sly of No Use For A Name. Tony sang memorable, heartfelt songs about life and love, friendship, and the struggle we all have of trying to get through life with as few emotional bruises as possible. My heart goes out to his wife and kids, friends and family. Will give any info I get about a fund for his memory as soon as I get it. -Jim

Overtime Heroes
RIP to one of our favourite front men, Tony Sly. Your songs will be sung in our hearts forever

Out Of Date
With the hearth in our hand we say goodbye to a great songwriter, Tony Sly, you'll be missing to all the punk rockers worldwide.Thanks for everything. We 'll play in his honour justified black eye with Punk Goes Acoustic Crew on 19th August in Rimini.

Booze Cruise
I hate things like this but it has to be done. I've self-described our band as No Use For A Name with finger tapping. Countless times we've been told we have a NUFAN vibe, or that my singing sounds like Tony's. The reason for that is Tony Sly is how I learned to sing. I practice for tours by jamming along with More Betterness. No Use was my first punk show ever. Tony Sly was like a musical big brother that I never met, but always tried to emulate and live up to. The only word that can be used, other than shocked, is devastated. We'll cheers another day. -Shawn

Rest in peace, Tony. You were a huge inspiration and will be greatly missed.

Pour Habit
The world lost an amazing person yesterday. No Use for a Name brought us out on our 2nd U.S. tour ever and I even had the chance to play guitar for them on their last Canadian tour. I am lucky to have been friends with such a legend. Tony was one of the kindest guys you could ever meet and I know I'm not alone when I say the entire music community has some heavy hearts today. My thoughts and heart are with your family. R.I.P. Tony Sly, you are truly going to be missed.-eric.

Useless ID
We are all devastated over the sad news of our brother - Tony Sly, passing away.
Tony has been more than a friend to our band, he has been involved with the production of our album "No Vacation From The World" and even wrote a song for us on this album ( "Stuck Without A Ride" ), took our band on tour with No Use all over the world many times, and so on. It is very hard for us to read everyone's farewell calls to Tony, and listening to the records has been something we find very hard to do right now.songs that have influenced us in so many ways...
We want to share our love and sadness over this post, and also to leave you with one of our favorite songs that Tony wrote with No Use -"The Saddest Song".
our hearts goes out to the Sly family & friends, to No Use and to everyone who knew him. You'll be missed Tony .we will always remember you in our hearts and in our minds

Low Value
R.I.P. Tony Sly! Thanx for all the inspiration and great gigs!!!

Just few words to remember one of the greatest songwriters and the singer that strongly influenced our musical tastes since 96. Miss you Tony.

The Fear
Such a legendary songwriter passed away yesterday! A sad, sad day for punk rock. Rest in peace Tony. Your music will live on!

DAMN! We're very very sad to hear about Tony Sly's passing away... He and No Use definitely popularized the kind of sound that got us into punk rock, a sound that still inspires to this very day. Rest In Peace..

88 Fingers Louie
Tony Sly made me want to be a better singer. Thank you for the "Redemption Song" duets and the great memories, musical and otherwise. RIP, my friend.

Frenzal Rhomb
RIP Tony Sly, there'll be many a shot for you this weekend. Thoughts go out to family and friends.

Flying Frogs
Goodbye to Tony Sly of No Use For A Name (RIP)

Remembering a friend. One of the best. Goodnight Tony.

Disconnect Disconnect Records
Gutted about the loss of Tony Sly. No Use are one of my all time favourite bands, and a massive influence to the label and many of our bands. Hero.

Effervescence Records
Ho my god... RIP Mr Tony Sly ! And thanks for all those awesome songs !!!

Uncommon Men From Mars
RIP Tony Sly. Heartbreaking news. His Song writing has been a great influence to our band, sad sad day.

I had the pleasure and privalege to tour with Tony Sly both on band tours and acoustic tours. Truly one of the most honest and down to earth people. My heart goes out to his family. You were an inspiration, a hero and an amazing human being. Rest In Peace Tony Sly.

Sparky's Revenge
a sad day for losing a great man in punkrock history..rip Tony Sly

Here is to one of the best punk song writers Tony Sly you will be greatly missed RIP!

Frank Turner
God fucking dammit. Just heard about Tony Sly. So very sad.

RIP Tony Sly, You will be missed. :-(

Thanx 4 All The Shoes
Another great source of inspiration for this band is gone too soon and for ever, would be too many words to say and we know that you understand what you mean dear punk rockers, so maybe in these cases it's better to be silent and listen to some of those many amazing songs that he wrote. thanks for the memories Tony

Short On Time
WTH?! Just signed on FB to check mails and ended up seeing the news about Tony Sly's death!! :( Like many others, we can't believe that this is happening. RIP man, you'll be missed... When I think that just 2 days ago, I was listening to him all the evening...

Defying Control
One of the bands that made us have a band. One of the greatest songwriters ever. We had the privilege of sharing the stage with him in 2009. You will be forever in our hearts Tony.
Rest in peace.

Good Riddance
RIP Tony. So many great memories. Such a tremendous loss. You will be missed.

Thinking about the family and friends of Tony Sly:(

Local Resident Failure
RIP Tony Sly.... Thanks for the punk rock! ... It is a sad day.

As previously stated, today we say goodbye to a truly gifted individual in Tony Sly. He was definitely a HUGE influence on CP, and our hearts go out to his family.

Not Available
Hello everybody, yesterday I received the message, that No Use For A Name frontman Tony Sly has passed away. I couldn't believe it and I still am lost for words. One of my youth heros has died. It was in 1992 when I saw No Use for the first time in a small club in Fellbach/Germany. Tony let me sing the chorus of Biomag. No Use was one of the bands who made my Friends and me also forming a band. And years later we had the great honor to play togethet with No Use. The last time is just a couple of months ago, we played together in Madrid and Barcelona. It was so great... and now this. Rest in peace Tony.

Nations Afire
Rest in peace good sir. Gone far too soon.

Teenage Bottlerocket
This is so sad. Tony was a great friend to us and he will be missed deeply. Our thoughts and hearts go out to his family and friends. Rest in Peace Tony

In 2 Months
RIP Tony Sly of No Use For A Name. You gave the world the gift of inspiring Punk Rock music and lyrical depth driven by beautifully melodic movements. They will all be missed. Thank you for sharing pieces of your soul with others.

Steve Rawles (Belvedere, This is a Standoff)
Thank you for all the music you gave to the world . Rest in peace Tony Sly.

R.I.P. Tony Sly.....there is nothing left to say......we are sad and very shocked... This is one of the biggest loss for the punkrock world and community!!!!!! FUCK!!

Versus The World
It breaks my heart to type this out, but our dear friend Tony Sly has passed away this morning. Tony and No Use are very special to us. Tony was sweet enough to take us under his wing and took us on our first U.S., Canadian, & European tours. Not only was Tony an amazing song writer, but he was a top notch buddy that always made me feel good when he was around. Kind words & thought to his wife an little girls. The world lost a good one today. Cheers Tony. We'll miss you. Thanks for everything.


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