New IMPLANTS song: 'Once Was I'

5 musicians, friends from (Strung Out, Pulley, Ten Foot Pole, The Tank (Brown Lobster Tank) & ex-Death By Stereo,) who have played shows together in their respective bands, form a new group as an outlet to release what everyone has been screaming for. The collaboration began in 2011, One by one jumping on board with their unique mark that would bring life to 12 songs on their yet to be named debut album.
Returning to your roots can be a hard thing to do. Sometimes it means leaving everything and everyone you know and love behind. For the five gentlemen of IMPLANTS returning to their roots means returning to the no holds barred type of rock they just love to play. Influenced heavily by their other bands along with many greats in classic rock and metal. IMPLANTS are playing music of the youth but on their own terms. Blurring the lines of what is thought to be traditional melodic punk rock n roll, IMPLANTS have made a style truly all their own. With a plethora of musical tastes, talent and backgrounds their music shows no limitations with their writing ability and style.

IMPLANTS have already gained a large following through social media and with several live shows played to sold out clubs, Request are coming in from all over the world to play “my town”. With crowd sing a longs like “Life Passes”, “Parallel” and “Through the Window” local and national radio have taken interest along with an assortment of media outlets. The fans have shared their voice and the music has responded. IMPLANTS are here to stay…. Catch them live at a venue near you!

Click here to listen to the new song 'Once Was I'

The band also released 'Life Passes', 'These Walls' and 'Parallel' some months ago.