Lowbrow will release an acoustic album this July

The american skatepunk band Lowbrow is going to release an acoustic album this July.
Read what they said on the skatepunkers forum below:

So Daniel and I had this brilliant idea to record an acoustic album ourselves. It wound up being a shitload of work, but we are super happy with the final product. It has seven songs on it, three of which are from Doing it all Wrong, one is a B-Side from the album, one is an old Guns Don't Argue song, and two are old songs that Daniel had written and never done anything with (which will probably get turned into fast and loud regular Lowbrow songs). We are releasing it for free next Tuesday, but we've released the first song on the album, an acoustic version of Locked Doors.

Check it out

We will also be doing an awesome give away contest in conjunction with the album's release, so make sure you like us on Facebook if you haven't already so you can keep up to date and possibly win some one of a kind Lowbrow merch.