Lost In Line - Smiles That Scream (2008)

01. The Balance
02. The Brightness
03. Faces In The Dark
04. Choking On Words
05. Restored
06. The Drama
07. Break The Cycle
08. The Sky Is Falling
09. Smiles That Scream
10. AA-11
11. Goodbye
12. Will Not Rest
13. The Lost Letters
14. Surrender
15. Lost In Line

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Lost In Line are a four piece melodic punk band from the shores of Wollongong, NSW who continue to belt out a style reminiscant of the mid to late 90's fat wreck/skate punk. Since establishing the current line-up in early 2006, Lost in Line have toured throughout Australia, leaving WA the only state yet to visit. Early 2005 saw the release of their debut EP "The Lost Letters", followed up in mid 2006 with 7 track EP "Voodoo Pins and Violins". ....Lost In Line are stoked to have played shows with Strung Out, Bodyjar No Use For A Name, The Matches, Behind Crimson Eyes, Something With Numbers, 28 Days, Kisschasy and many other top Aussie bands. Their debut album "Smiles That Scream" was released through Adelaide independent label Pee Records. It was also released in Japan on 3rd May by major label Radtone Music.

Recommended if you like No Use For A Name. If you like the full-length, get the 2nd EP. The first EP is very amateur sounding, and uses a drum machine I think. Get it if you're a die-hard Lost In Line fan or collector.

- Sample song: Faces In The Dark -