Local Resident Failure - A Breath Of Stale Air (2012)

01. The Opener
02. (Still) Kickin' On
03. Where The Bloody Hell Are Ya?
04. Playing The Race Card
05. Amazing Disgrace
06. Everyday's A Holiday On Christmas Island
07. Nowhere To Be Scene
08. Defamation By Defecation
09. Sad Beginning, Happy Ending
10. Recall
11. FWP
12. What's The Good News?
13. In Sickness And In Health
14. Sleeping Beauty
15. The Funeral

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Local Resident Failure is a punk rock band from Newcastle, NSW in Australia. The band formed in 2007 through a mutual love of 90’s style punk rock bands. After releasing numerous EPs and touring the country a few times over since forming in 2007, Local Resident Failure finally decided it was time to commit to something bigger and give it their all. So years of intense writing, months in various studios across Australia and a few hundred beers later "A Breath of Stale Air" is ready to be coughed up for the world to hear. 15 humorous and witty songs pumped full of social awareness like a bodybuilder bursting at the seams from steroids, mixed and mastered by Jason Livermore at the Blasting Room and featuring original artwork by Ben Brown, Local Resident Failure's debut album "A Breath of Stale Air" lands in stores 15th June 2012 on Pee Records.

- Sample song: Recall -