Jerk Circus - Nevermind The Suburbs (2000)

01. Don't Follow Me
02. Lie To Me
03. I Was Wrong
04. C# Ska
05. Truth
06. Sorry...
07. Havin Fun
08. Opener
09. Waste
10. Live You Life
11. All My Loving
12. X So Real X
13. Bonus Track
14. Bonus Track

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Jerk Circus were a skatepunk band from Oakville, Canada that formed in the late 90’s. Made up of high school friends with Shane Told on guitar/vocals, Joe Rozsa on guitar/vocals, Brian Robinson on bass and Andy Lewis on drums. Breaking up close to 2000 after releasing an EP 'Everything Is A Travesty With You' and an album 'Never Mind The Suburbs', the member’s moved on to larger projects. Shane Told would form Silverstein and Brian and Andy would form The Fullblast. The Fullblast broke up in 2006 and Brian is now a part of A Wilhelm Scream and Andy plays guitar for Boys Night Out.
Click here if you want to read more about the Jerk Circus history.

This is a 320 kbps rip, ripped directly from the cd.

- Sample song: Lie To Me -