Backside - Ten Million Strong and Growing (2000)

01. My Life, My Way
02. Where All Shallow Flows
03. Who's Got the Attitude
04. Nobody Needs to Not See
05. Within
06. Over and Out
07. American Warzone
08. Dear God from Me
09. Oh Say I Can See
10. Up Again at Five A.M.
11. No Comply
12. Central West of Fourteenth
13. State of Emergency
14. Bottoms up Victory
15. Don't Know Don't Care
16. Takin' Back

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Backside are a "new-school" or skate-punk band from the 90's. Playing a fast punk sound that shared plenty in common with bands like Millencolin (while owing plenty to bands like Bad Religion and other bands that would dominate 90's melodic punk), the Riverside (Corona), California band played constantly while releasing all but their final album themselves.

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