Review: Symphony of Distraction - Pudwack

Album: Symphony of Distraction - Pudwack EP (2010)
Author: alanso
Contact: acclogher[at]

Pudwack by Symphony of Distraction is an EP that playfully slaps you across the face to get your attention, sucks you in with its melodies then leaves you gasping for air and, above all else, wanting more. Clocking in at just under 16 minutes, this is a lesson in break-neck speed and harmonies, with lyrics that often seem bitter but are usually backed by a cheeky smile or at least a tongue in cheek. In short, it is everything that skatepunk should be.

Are Symphony of Distraction the right band for you? Well, consider the following questions:
1. Have you ever wished NOFX had a better singer?
2. Would you like melodic punk bands to be faster?
3. Wouldn't Pennywise be a much sweeter band if they developed a sense of humour?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions then congratulations, this EP should be for you! The production is perfect for this kind of music, the drummer plays as if he wants constant rabid circle pits, there are occasional forays into sweet guitar riffs and all the melody and harmonies you can handle.

What sets this band apart for me is the general bittersweet attitude towards life conveyed in the lyrics. There is just the right amount of humour, anger, satire and self deprecation. Too many punk bands fall into the 'shopping list' style of punk, simply taking a something and singing about how much it sucks. (e.g. governments, religion, taking regular showers) Symphony of Distraction however sing about issues much closer to them; alcoholism as a way of escaping regret, working an office job and generally trying to get their own lives together, before they 'change the world'.

There is a real sense of frustration, boredom and alienation but this is overpowered by the passion for their music and the joy that comes from playing it comes through. While life can be a bitch, music like this can make it better. In other words, this EP can change your world, in a real way.

FFO: Secondshot, NOFX, Belvedere