Review: After The Fall - Eradication

Album: After The Fall - Eradication (2010)
Author: star11scream
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Social awareness and Hardcore punk have been two factors that persisted with the prolonged history of Punk/Core veterans After the Fall of Albany, NY. Since the very beginnings of the band, from their first record to "First Evolve, Then Destroy to the recent "Eradication", the band has combined the brutality and aggression of hardcore punk with melodic vocals and riffs, to create a style few have perfected, often fluctuating the ratio of skatepunk to hardcore. Despite the band's history, they have decided to take up a much more aggressive stance, a clear difference from the previous "Fort Orange", yet staying true to their style, somehow, at heart.

1. Soldiers 3.5/5
The album is torn open by some blazing composition and the bassist, KC's signature screamed vocals. This fire is later added fuel to by trademark ATF speed and soothed softly by Mike Moat's, guitarist and clean vocalist, voice. The general message of Ignorance in dailylife is applied in this song.

2. Ruins 3/5
This song is a straight delight for any hardcore fan, fast, short and deadly.

3. Irrational Behavior 4/5
This song explores the horrible acts perpetrated by adults against children. More melodic and catchy, the song packs a lyrical punch "Murder, abuse, molestation. You disgust me."

4. Stagnation 2.5/5
At this point in the album, the basic plotting on the chords is quite evident. Catchy at first, the song loses ,easily put as, substance.

5. Eradication 4/5
Original fans orgasm here. The song is a gentle reminder that the band was once more skatepunk, that this same band, a long time ago (hahaha) released fort orange.

6. Throgs Neck 4/5
Once again, this song is more melodic, dealing, lyrically, with the want for happiness and dealing with everyday depression. An amazing push ahead for the album. Familiar vocals can be heard later on, those of the easily recognizable voice of Tom Rheault of No Trigger.

7. Lifer 4/5
"I like to party hard too, but it never meant more to me than punk"
Some good old melodic hardcore.
A lot of people can relate to this song, given that too many have lot of friends to different music. Guest vocals by James Caroll from MAKE DO AND MEND

8. Authoritarian 4.90/5
At this point in the album, one must commend Chris Millington's impressive drum work, easily describing him as a beast, and in my opinion, one of the best at what he does. The song itself is a drastic change in the direction of the album, with it's seemingly poppy substance. A brilliant song with some great guitar work and some mad drumming. Guest vocals by

9. Coward 3/5
Short, not that fast, just okay in the ATF arsenal. Once again, the lyrics are a great social call, exposing the dirty underbelly of our world, using an ironic tone. "The day will come that you get you deserve."

10.Centless 4/5
Catchy and fast as fuck. Great song. Guest vocals by Jay Maas from Defeater.

11. You don't talk no shit 5/5
It's a great emotion that one feels when an ace bands covers a legend. Originally by Winnepeg pissed kids, I-Spy, Chris Millington gives a more firm base to the song as Mike Moat effectively covers the essential beauty of the song. If you are a fan of After the Fall stye music, do check out I-Spy!

12. Power Trip 4.5/5
A badass song against police brutality. The song starts fast as fuck, then cleverly adds a breakdown. Hardcore and pop punk literally applied into one

13. Autonomy 4.5/5
Another classic, with a clever guitar line and majorly inspirational lyrics. A must for any Melodic Hardcore fan.

14. New Scotland 3/5
Like rivers that deposit it's rich soil, this song is slow in comparison with the rest of the album, allowing it's brilliance to be absorbed into one's mind. Pretty bloody brillaint. The song, and the album, ends with some epic guitar solo fading away.

OVERVIEW 8/10 Sick.
It is not too often that one comes across the bands with likes of After the Fall, that combines passion, message and some crazyass hardcore. One of the year's best releases, securing this experienced band with an even brighter future.

NOTE; Please don't expect Fort Orange, this in not, I repeat, this not Fort Orange, no use comparing it


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