Jet Market is dead

We're sorry for not posting any news for a long time… we're posting this now because we thought it was just and necessary to clarify our situation. Jet Market broke up. For how things are today we're not doing any last gig or tour and we're really sorry about that. The reasons why we broke up are many and it will be reductive to justify them all with a standard "all good things come to an end". Despite this, we really wanted to send our biggest hug to all the people who always supported us during these 14 years.
To who helped us out by booking gigs and tours, recording music, replacing members that quit the band, giving us a place to sleep or something to eat, to those who sang our songs in their room or shouted them out under the stage. You'll never know how much this all meant to us. Jet Market have been a big part (and sometimes even the most important part) of our life. Be sure that each and everyone of us will carry in his heart all the years spent playing in this band and, most of all, all of you who supported us and loved our music. Thank you for that.
It has been an amazing journey, the best ever taken.
Jet Market, 1998 - 2012.

They have also added a final acoustic song to the post.
Click here to listen to listen to it