FanKaz - Slow Victims For Fast Predators (2009)

01. Intro
02. Against
03. Immovable
04. The Battle Cry For A Knight!!! Yyyaaayyy!!!
05. Attention! Attention! There's Black Hole In Town
06. L'ultimo Incontro Di Due Grandi Amici Alle Pendici Della Cascata
07. Don't Look The Cam When You Browse The Grass
08. Perso
09. Senz'Anima
10. Away From You
11. Senza Titolo
12. Via Di Gua
13. Revenge

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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FanKaz was born on June 2003 to create their own melodic-skatecore-style songs. After many changes in the group’s line-up, after friends’ comings and goodbyes, the line-up is momentary settled: Ricky (guitar and vocals), Mora (bass and vocals), Pole (drums) and Elio (guitar). The band that inspires these tree guys to play is Belvedere, as all those bands that belongs to Skatepunk and technical hardcore scene, like This is a Standoff, A Wilhelm screm, BigWig, Strung out, Action men, Pendleton, Forus, SunEatsHouers, LagWagon, Venerea and so on…

- Sample song: Senz'Anima -