Break Of Day

01. Grim Reaper Sold His Soul For A Pair Of New Jeans
02. No Solace
03. Western Hate Sphere
04. Dawn Of The World
05. Contrast
06. Casualties Of Belief And Greed
07. The Hobo Wears Prada
08. Forbid Forbade Forgotten
09. Once Upon A Time In The Dark
10. Father's Day
11. Bitch
12. Killed In Action

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- screaming melodic hardcore -
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01. The Road To Guantanamo
02. Statue Of Bigotry
03. Hoax Country
04. Hands Of Time
05. The Tide Will Swallow Us
06. Farabundo
07. Daytime TV Is Your New Vietnam
08. This Scene Is Fucked
09. Dry Lungs
10. America's Next Ignorant Top Model
11. To Exist Is To Resist

From the ashes of Buckle Up and Minor Setback here's Break Of Day. The five of them started rocking out in 2005 and they bring you a fast punkrock experience in the vein of Strike Anywhere, Rise Against and Strung Out with many (post-) hardcore influences. Fast and shredding guitar riffs, often including some nice solos, supported by a fast and furious drummer, a pounding bass line, and vocals switching from clean to screaming are what you can expect.

- Sample song: Contrast -